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Query retail cash tracking sessions with the GraphQL Admin API


Effective March 15, 2024

As of version 2024-04, you can use the GraphQL Admin API to query a shop's Shopify POS cash tracking sessions. The API returns cash tracking data for locations that have a Shopify POS Pro subscription

Below are some examples of the data that's available on the new CashTrackingSession type:

  • Opening and closing times, and the staff member who performed each action
  • Adjustments to add or remove cash from the cash drawer, and the staff member who performed each action
  • Notes attached to the actions listed above
  • Aggregations, such as the total cash sales, total cash refunds, and the net cash sales that were processed during the cash tracking session
  • Discrepancies between the amount counted in the cash drawer and the amount expected

To find out more, see CashTrackingSession in the GraphQL Admin API reference.