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Shopify Flow - Use dev command to preview tasks and use more complex data in triggers


With this update, the dev command is now supported for Flow extensions, you can use more complex data in your triggers, and Flow in the CLI is generally available.

Flow in the CLI

Flow in the Shopify CLI is now generally available. We still welcome feedback at

Previously, Flow actions and triggers were defined in the partner dashboard. As Shopify CLI adoption has expanded, this meant that you needed to manage and deploy your Flow extensions separately from the rest of your app.

Going forward, you will now create your Flow tasks and actions through the CLI. You follow these guides for how to create both triggers and actions through the CLI. In addition, you can migrate your existing tasks to be CLI-managed, unifying your code. For more details on what is possible, you can also consult Flow’s reference guide for triggers and actions.

Dev command

You can now also use the dev command to preview Flow tasks in your development store. See our docs for triggers and actions.

Complex data in triggers

Finally, like actions, Flow triggers now support more complex data structures, like lists and objects, making it easier than ever to build your triggers in Flow.


To create Flow extensions using the CLI, version 3.48 or higher is required. To use dev version 3.49 or higher is required.