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Storefront API Cart ID now includes key param


Action required

The Storefront API Cart ID now includes a key param that must be included for any mutation or query operations where the Cart ID is passed. Updating a cart without including the key param will result in the removal of buyer details and your updates will be applied to a newly generated cart. This behavior is applied retroactively to all versions of the Storefront API.

This change is rolling out now, and enforcement will go into effect after a grace period of 1 week.

Example Format: ** * Before: gid://shopify/Cart/c1-7a2abe82733a34e84aa472d57fb5c3c1 * After: gid://shopify/Cart/c1-7a2abe82733a34e84aa472d57fb5c3c1?key=824bdj25mhg1242bdb385**

Action Required: Provide the complete cart ID which includes the cart token as well as the key param. This value is returned from the graphQL API response when the cart is created.

Ensure that any app and theme code is free from hard-coded assumptions (ex. Using regex to identify a cart token) on the format and structure of the cart token. This is especially critical if the Cart ID is manually constructed. *If your app utilizes Cart.Id without modification, no action is needed. *