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Taxonomy API


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Shopify has introduced a public product taxonomy, serving as an open-source, standardized, and global classification of products sold on Shopify. This taxonomy, composed of product categories, attributes, and attribute values, is utilized across Shopify and integrated with numerous marketplaces. You can view the latest product taxonomy on our taxonomy explorer.

The new product taxonomy is now available in our public API with the 2024-04 release. This feature allows developers to navigate the taxonomy tree for categories, attributes, and values.

In order to support this change a number two existing APIs have been deprecated and replaced in favor of queryRoot.taxonomy.categories

  • queryRoot.productTaxonomy
  • queryRoot.productTaxonomyNodes

Additionally the following changes have been made:

  • The ProductTaxonomyNode type has been replaced with a TaxonomyCategory type.
  • The productCategory field on Product has been deprecated and replaced by category. This field directly references the new TaxonomyCategory type.