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UI Extensions - Shipping method option list targets will be duplicated for possible types of delivery groups (One Time Purchases and Subscription)


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Breaking change: UI extensions on versions 2023-10 or older that use either the purchase.checkout.shipping-option-list.render-before or the purchase.checkout.shipping-option-list.render-after will no longer render if the checkout contains both a one time purchase and subscription item.

As of 2024-01, purchase.checkout.shipping-option-list.render-before and purchase.checkout.shipping-option-list.render-after will be duplicated for possible types of delivery groups (One Time Purchase and Subscription). You can use the new ShippingOptionListApi to target each delivery group in your extension.

The delivery group the extension is attached to will be passed as a target. In React, you can also use the useDeliveryGroupTarget() hook to retrieve the current delivery group. The target will be undefined if the group is not available, for example when the buyer hasn’t entered an address on One-page checkout, or when shipping is unavailable for this address.

We’re also introducing a new unique id on a DeliveryGroup to identify each delivery group.

If your extension is capturing buyer inputs at Checkout and storing the information in a metafield, you can use checkout attributes with a namespaced key to capture information for multiple delivery groups rendered on Checkout. See examples.

These changes can be tested today using the Checkout Extensibility developer preview using the unstable api version.

Learn more about these API changes on