GraphQL learning resources

Use the following resources to learn more about GraphQL and how to use it in your apps:

Shopify GraphQL sandboxes

  • Shopify GraphiQL app

    Install the Shopify GraphiQL app to explore the GraphQL Admin API and run queries and mutations against one of your development stores. The app has embedded API documentation and built-in validation.

  • GraphQL Explorer

    Use Shopify's GraphQL Explorer to run queries with the Storefront API.

Shopify APIs

Explore Shopify's two GraphQL APIs:

  • GraphQL Admin API

    Build a merchant-facing app that integrates with the Shopify admin.

  • Storefront API

    Build a customized purchasing experience for a merchant's customers.

Shopify guides and tutorials

Other GraphQL guides

  • GraphQL official documentation

    Read the official GraphQL user documentation and learn about other features of GraphQL, including more advanced aspects such as fragments, aliases, and directives.

  • How to GraphQL

    Read an in-depth guide about GraphQL, and complete the full-stack tutorial. In the tutorial you create a GraphQL schema and server (available in several languages), and then build an app that runs queries and mutations against the schema.

GraphQL libraries

  • Apollo Client official documentation

    Apollo Client enables you to define data requirements as part of UI components. Apollo Client supports several platforms, including React, React Native, native iOS, and native Android. Apollo also has a library for creating your own GraphQL server and defining your own API schema.

  • Relay official documentation

    Relay is a framework for building React apps that's built by Facebook. Using Relay, you can specify the data that a component needs when you define the component, and Relay takes care of providing that data.