Ways to build on Shopify

Shopify’s platform offers many ways for developers to build their businesses. Our suite of APIs help you access Shopify’s built-in capabilities and add new features of your own. Liquid, our popular open-source templating language, gives you complete control over how Shopify stores look and feel.

Shopify’s developer ecosystem supports a variety of business models. Here are some of the ways developers are growing their businesses now.

Build apps

Apps extend Shopify’s core features, allowing developers to meet unique merchant needs at any scale. Integrate your app into many parts of the shopping experience, and add new features to online stores, the Shopify admin, or POS. Build a custom app for a single client, or a public app to sell in the Shopify App Store. Make money with one-time sales, or offer recurring subscriptions.

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Build themes

Themes control the way that Shopify online stores look and feel for customers. Create custom themes from scratch, or alter existing ones for merchants who want a tailored look. Apply to sell through the Shopify Theme Store and reach hundreds of thousands of merchants who want a ready-to-go solution.

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Build channels

Channels allow Shopify merchants to offer a path to purchase for their customers across multiple platforms, even outside of Shopify. Build custom integrations with third-party marketplaces and platforms using Shopify to manage products, inventory, orders, shipping, and more.

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Custom development work

You can provide a mix of custom design and development services to Shopify's growing merchant community. Shopify’s ecosystem supports many kinds of developers, from solo freelancers to global-scale agencies. Bring your own clients, or list your services in the Shopify Experts marketplace and let merchants come to you.

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