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Local Delivery & Pickup for Subscriptions


As of 2022-10, partners can manage the delivery methods of the subscriptions contracts with Shipping, Local Delivery, and Pickup.

SubscriptionContract.deliveryMethod supports two new types: SubscriptionDeliveryMethodLocalDelivery and SubscriptionDeliveryMethodPickup.

A new SubscriptionDraft.deliveryOptions provides a SubscriptionDeliveryOptionResultSuccess type for all three delivery methods.

To edit or create contracts, an extended SubscriptionDeliveryMethodInput for SubscriptionDraftInput can receive localDelivery and pickup information.

Important to note:

  • SubscriptionContract.deliveryMethod returns null for clients using API versions earlier than 2022-10 when the contract is created with Local Delivery or Pickup. If you have been inferring a subscription has only digital products because the delivery method is null, then adopt our new graphql changes.
  • We also recommend taking a look at general delivery terms your app might be using, such as “delivers” or “ships”. Consider replacing them with broader terminology like “fulfills” or “recurs” that cover all modes of delivery.

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