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Property deprecations in the Admin API Order and LineItem resource


The relationship between a ProductVariant and a FulfillmentService was changed in the 2022-07 API version. A ProductVariant can be stocked by multiple fulfillment services. As a result, we recommended that you no longer use the following fields: ProductVariant.fulfillment_service (REST)(GraphQL) and LineItem.fulfillment_service (REST)(GraphQL). Instead, you should use inventory items and inventory levels if you need to find or manage where a product is stocked.

If you need to determine whether a product is a gift card, you should continue to use the ProductVariant.fulfillment_service field until an alternative is available.

Learn more about managing inventory quantities and states.

Learn more about managing fulfillment orders using the REST Admin API and GraphQL Admin API.

Learn more about the building a fulfillment service using the fulfillment orders API.

The following other line item object properties on the REST Admin API's Order resource are deprecated:

  • origin_location
  • destination_location

The following object property on the REST Admin API's Order resource is deprecated:

  • total_price_usd

These deprecated properties will be removed from unstable. The change will be made official in the 2022-10 REST Admin API version.

For other recent deprecations on the Orders resource refer to this Change Log