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Fulfillment service SKU sharing


The fulfillment service SKU sharing feature gives fulfillment service apps the ability to stock and fulfill product variants together with merchant's locations.

Merchants will be able to stock and fulfill the same variant from multiple fulfillment services. This means that they can now have the same product/variant be stocked at their merchant managed locations as well as 3PL services at the same time.

This feature introduces the permits_sku_sharing parameter when creating or updating a fulfillment service. Setting permits_sku_sharing to true allows the merchant to assign fulfillment orders to both the merchant's locations and compatible fulfillment services.

When a fulfillment service app sets permits_sku_sharing to true, some of the following behaviour will break. If you set a product variant's fulfillmentService parameter (REST & GraphQL) to manual, then it no longer means that the variant is stocked only at a merchant-managed location. Apps that use the fulfillmentService parameter in this way should instead use the location parameter on the Fulfillment Order resource to determine which location or fulfillment service fulfills a given product variant.

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