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Serving errors on a fulfillment orders opt-out fulfillment service creation and modification


Action required

As of 2022-07 API version, it's mandatory for a fulfillment service to follow a fulfillment order based workflow and have fulfillment_orders_opt_in set to true in FulfillmentService resource. The last API version serving the legacy fulfillment APIs is 2022-04.

With 2023-01 release, we add observability to the migration process.

Errors will be returned if a legacy (fulfillment orders opt-out) fulfillment service is intended to be created on an API version, where the legacy fulfillment APIs are not available.

Errors will be returned on fulfillment service create REST and GraphQL API calls if fulfillment_orders_opt_in field is not set into true in the parameters.

Errors will be returned on fulfillment service update REST and GraphQL API calls if the fulfillment service being changed has fulfillment_orders_opt_in set to false and the update request does not promote fulfillment_orders_opt_in into true. fulfillment_orders_opt_in and callback_url become required parameters for fulfillment service create request/mutation.

Follow Migrate to fulfillment orders guide to learn how to migrate. Follow Manage fulfillments as a fulfillment service app guide to learn how to fulfill fulfillment orders.