2022-01 release notes

The API version release date and the date that the version is no longer supported
Release date Date version is no longer supported
January 1, 2022 January 1, 2023

The 2022-01 version of Shopify's APIs includes improved product filtering through the Storefront API, the new product taxonomy object, and new metafield definitions on collections, customers, and orders. This version also includes a new mutation to email order invoices, new error codes for bulk mutations, and simplified methods for getting translatable resources, featured images, and barcodes.

What’s new in 2022-01

The following features were added in version 2022-01 of Shopify's APIs.

Storefront API changes:

GraphQL Admin API changes:

REST Admin API changes:

  • Use new webhooks for notifications of scheduled product publishing in sales channels.
  • We've simplified the validation for formatting the resource feedback message field.