Shops details overview

A well-designed marketplace drives conversion by giving buyers key details about shops and their products. These details also help merchants distinguish their shops in a competitive marketplace. You can leverage Shopify's commerce essentials and the Storefront API to build an immersive storefront experience for each shop on the marketplace.

An image of the marketplace shop page with shop details and products

This guide introduces you to the tutorials for building buyer-facing pages at the shop-level.

Marketplace considerations

Creating shop pages in the context of a marketplace is unique. For example, a custom storefront might have a dedicated homepage and discrete pages for product categories. In a marketplace, one channel app hosts multiple storefronts on a single platform. A marketplace needs to control the look and feel of multiple brands, with often a single page devoted to a shop and their products.

Shop pages

Shop pages surface storefront details for each shop in the marketplace. For example, render a page with the shop name, description, and a link to the storefront.

Product categories

Product categories surface the product types that merchants have created in their storefront. For example, surface apparel in categories like coats, handbags, and dresses.

Product sort

Product sort enables buyers to order shops on the marketplace by specific criteria. For example, add the ability to sort shops on the marketplace by name.

Product filter

Shop filters enable buyers to narrow shops on the marketplace by specific criteria. For example, add the ability to filter shops on the marketplace by country.


The Storefront API limits your ability to interact with shops across the marketplace. For example, you can't use the Storefront API to retrieve a product category populated with items from multiple shops. Throughout the tutorials in this section, all filtering, sorting, and other ways of parsing product data is done at the shop level, not the marketplace level.

Parsing product data across multiple shops requires product sync, which Shopify doesn't fully support out of the box. For more information, refer to product sync.

Next steps

  • Learn how to include a dedicated page for each shop in a marketplace.