Onboarding is the process that a merchant follows to set up your app. The onboarding process is crucial to merchant success.

Onboarding should welcome merchants and make them eager to use your app or feature. Onboarding makes the merchant comfortable and sets their expectations as soon as they start using your app.

Merchants should feel like they know what to do in your app after they’ve completed the onboarding experience. This leads to higher usage retention.

Onboarding steps welcoming merchants to the Puzzlify app.
Onboarding is about sharing your app’s benefits and quickly getting merchants ready to use your app.
Onboarding screen welcoming merchants to the Puzzlify editor.


Onboarding should be brief and direct. Provide clear instructions and guide the merchant to completion.

Onboarding experiences efficiently guide merchants through your app’s features so merchants don’t have to discover them on on their own.

A great onboarding experience presents the basics of your app to merchants as quickly as possible.

Onboarding screen showing three different options to choose in the Puzzlify puzzle editor. There are options to edit an existing puzzle, start from a template, and start from scratch.
Onboarding experiences can also come in the form of a selection of actions that are quick and easy for merchants to understand.
An onboarding screen displaying a button that says ‘Remind me later’.


In some cases, complex onboarding can take longer than expected. Give merchants the option to complete the onboarding at a later time to avoid stopping their workflow.
The last screen of an onboarding experience with a green button that says ‘Add puzzle piece’.


Provide a final call-to-action that clearly defines how to set up a feature.
An onboarding step that asks the merchant to name their first puzzle.


Request information from merchants only if it’s necessary.
An onboarding screen with the ‘close’ icon highlighted in the upper right corner.


If your onboarding isn’t essential, then make it dismissable using a Polaris Cancel icon. This keeps merchants from getting frustrated with the experience.
An onboarding screen showing that the merchant is currently on step six out of eight.


Don’t have more than five steps in your onboarding process. This can lead merchants to drop off and not use your app.