Common app review problems

Apps often need to be updated or re-submitted for a few common reasons.

Resubmitting your app slows down the review process. To avoid delays, before submitting your app, learn how you can avoid these problems with the solutions in the following table.

Category Reason Solution Failure requires app re-submit
  • Pricing information isn’t accurate
  • Merchants aren’t able to upgrade or downgrade pricing plans
  • App doesn’t use the required Shopify Billing API
  • Make sure your pricing information is up-to-date on your submission form.
  • Allow merchants the ability to switch between pricing plans.
  • Use the Shopify Billing API to process all charges associated with your app.
  • When the app is installed, it doesn’t immediately redirect to the OAuth grant screen
  • The app returns a fatal error after installation
  • The app doesn’t re-install properly
  • Test that your app successfully obtains an access token
  • If you're using authorization code grant, make sure your redirect URL works correctly. The app must redirect merchants to the UI after it’s installed.
  • Test re-installation. Your app should re-install for merchants who’ve previously installed it.
  • The app switches between embedded and not embedded versions
  • Use Shopify App Bridge, if your app is embedded. This allows redirects to take merchants to the embedded version of the app.
  • Use session token authentication, if your app is embedded. This lets merchants interact with your app without continually providing their login information.
User interface
  • The app interface is broken and unusable upon installation
  • The app has web errors such as 404s, 500s, and 300s
  • Make sure the UI is operational so that merchants can interact with it.
  • Make sure your error messages are clear and informative.
App Testing
  • The app is submitted without proper testing instructions or credentials
  • App must be a finished product and in a stable state
  • Ensure that you include testing information and test credentials in the app submission form. Include a short screencast of how your app should work.
  • Ensure that you properly test your app for bugs and ensure your app is a complete, finished product.
Yes Varies
Online store apps
  • The app isn't using theme app extensions.
  • The app isn't showing widgets properly on the storefront
  • Modifications to an online store theme must use theme app extensions.
  • Widgets must be shown without error in the online store