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Content requirements for themes

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Content requirements for themes

Content requirements for themes

If Shopify's Themes team approves your theme designs for further development, follow this checklist of content (copywriting) requirements. This is the same checklist that Shopify's Themes team will use to review your theme.

This checklist can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file:

Naming elements

It's important to name things in a way that won't confuse merchants who are building a store with your theme. Using clear, simple names for sections, presets, and categories will make your theme easier to use and navigate.


Each section in a theme needs a name. Section names appear in the list of content in the theme editor. If a merchant has customized the title or heading in a section, the content list will show the merchant's chosen name instead:

Section example

Section names should relate to the section's function, for example Header, Product list, Slideshow, or Image gallery. Refer to Shopify's theme terminology list to make sure you name sections using the right Shopify terms.

Suggested section names

  • Header
  • Featured products
  • Featured collections
  • Slideshow
  • Image gallery
  • Logo list
  • Newsletter
  • Map
  • Blog posts
  • Testimonials
  • Footer


Section presets are predefined configurations of sections that merchants start with when adding content:

Section preset example

Preset names should relate to the type of content in the preset, for example Image and text, Map, Columns, or Blog articles. Refer to Shopify's theme terminology list to make sure you name presets using the right Shopify terms.

Content placeholders

If your preset features images, videos, or icons, it's a good idea to show placeholder content so the merchant can get a better idea of how the content will look before they add their own media.

In your presets, use the following content placeholders:

Type of content Placeholder
Images that aren't products or collections
Adjacent images without margins
Image icon
Lists of logos Logo icon
Images with overlaid text
Full-width images
Lifestyle image
Videos Default YouTube video ID


Your theme's section presets are organized under category titles. Categories show groups of available presets for a section:

Section category example

Some examples of category titles include Image, Collection, Product, or Social.

Suggested category and preset names

Category name Preset names
  • Blog posts
  • Featured collection
  • Collection list
  • Gallery
  • Image with text
  • Image with text link
  • Image with text overlay
  • Logo list
  • Slideshow
  • Featured product
  • Newsletter
  • Testimonials
  • Text column with image
Store information
  • Map
  • Search


  • All parts of your theme follow Shopify's naming guidelines for theme elements
  • Section, preset, and category names are written in sentence case (Only the first word and proper nouns (like 'Facebook') are capitalized)
  • Everything is written in American English:
Use this Don't use this
canceled cancelled
catalog catalogue
center, centered centre, centred
color colour
customize customise
dialog dialogue
gray grey
organize organise
  • Ampersands ( & ) are not used
  • Declarative statements are used instead of questions:
Use this Don't use this
Use a custom logo Use a custom logo?
  • The subject of each section (like 'slideshow') is only stated once in the heading (subject repetition is avoided, for example, 'slideshow', 'slideshow color', 'slideshow image')
  • Everything is written in the active voice (subject-verb-object)
  • All buttons and actions start with a verb
  • All technical specifications follow these formats:
Technical specification Format Example
Image size [numeral] x [numeral]px (required/recommended) 64 x 64px required
Image size with format [numeral] x [numeral]px [.format] (required/recommended) 1200 x 300px .jpg recommended
Word / character count [numeral] words (max) 32 words max
Text format Use basic HTML to format text


  • Your theme uses Shopify's terminology throughout:
Use this Don’t use this
home page homepage
top bar meta-nav, search bar
bottom bar below footer, legal
slideshow slider
(when naming settings)
check out
heading title
subheading sub-heading
body text main text
signup sign-up, sign up
favicon shortcut icon, website icon
sidebar side bar
button label button name
social media
(when naming sections or settings)
social, social sharing
social media icons social media buttons
(to refer to all navigational elements)
menus, menu
main menu
(to refer to primary navigational element)
navigation, menu
secondary menu
(to refer to secondary navigational element)
navigation, menu
footer menu
(to refer to a menu located in the footer)
navigation, menu
cart type
(with “drawer”, “page”, and/or “modal” options)
Ajax, Ajaxify, Ajax cart
.png PNG, png, .PNG
(for actionable options that include a next step, such as uploading a file)
show, enable
(for options that allow the merchant to show or hide a basic element)
use, enable
(for options related to apps or plugins, or something that will significantly modify the theme layout)
use, show