Add an admin link to the Shopify admin with app extensions

You can make your apps accessible to merchants throughout the Shopify admin by activating admin links. After you activate an admin link for your app, it will appear in the More actions menu on the pages in Shopify that you specify. From there, merchants can use your app to complete a task directly. For example:

  • The Order Printer app uses an admin link on order pages to let merchants print invoices:

Screenshot of the Order Printer app’s admin link

  • The Digital Downloads app uses an admin link on product pages to let merchants add digital attachments: Screenshot of the Digital Downloads app’s admin link

To add an admin link for your app:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Click the name of the app you want to create links for.
  4. Click Extensions
  5. Under Shopify admin in the Admin links section, click Add a link.
  6. On the Add link dialog, enter information in the following fields:

    • Link label – The text that will appear to the merchant. It should be task oriented, and not just the name of your app.
    • Link target URL – The URL where your app is hosted, or a specific URL for this task.
    • Page to show link – The page where this link should appear to the merchant. Try to place it only where it makes logical sense for the user. In general, avoid adding admin links to every page of the Shopify admin.

    You can use the Preview section to see what your admin link will look like.

  7. Click Save.

To continue adding more admin links, click Add an admin link and repeat step 6.

You can track incoming admin links by using the parameters that identify the store or resource where your app is being used:

  • Each admin link includes a URL parameter that contains the store URL, which identifies the unique store or resource where your app was used. For example:
  • When your admin link is on a detail page (such as the order details page), the link also includes a URL parameter that contains the unique resource ID for the item on that page. For example: ?id=3295398979&