Shopify CLI core commands

This reference lists the core commands that you can use with Shopify CLI.


Lists the available commands and describes what they do.

You can also use the help command or options to get more detailed information about a specific command:


Authenticates you with Shopify CLI.

Optional parameters

Parameter Description
--store The store that you want to log in to. This is used when developing a theme.


Logs you out of the Shopify account or Partner account and store.

The logout command clears credentials. You need to reauthenticate the next time that you connect to a store.


Adds example data to your store.

This is useful for testing your app or theme’s behavior. You can create the following types of example store records:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Draft orders

By default, the populate command adds five records of the requested type.

Parameter Description
products Creates products in your store. Products are created with a title and a price.
customers Creates customers in your store. Customers are created with a name only.
draftorders Creates draft orders in your store. Draft orders are created with one custom item.
--count <NUMBER> Creates the specified number of records.


Displays the store that you're currently connected to.

Example output:


Switches between stores without logging out and logging in again.

If you enter this command without a --store flag, then you're prompted to select a store associated with your account.

The --store flag accepts the following inputs:

Type Example
Your store prefix johns-apparel
Your URL
Your store admin URL
Your custom domain or custom domain admin


Displays the version of Shopify CLI that you're running.

Example output:


Configures Shopify CLI options. There are two available options: analytics and feature.


Configures anonymous usage reporting by enabling or disabling analytics.


Configures active feature sets in the CLI.

This command is used for development and debugging work on the CLI tool itself. Unless you're developing the tool, don't alter this command. Review the Shopify CLI development guide for more information.


Determines which Partner organization you're logged in to, or which store you're logged in to as a staff member.

Example output:

Next steps

Read the complete reference documentation of the commands available inside different project types: