About offline access tokens

When you create an API access token for the GraphQL Admin API or REST Admin API, you can choose between two access modes: offline and online. Offline is the default access mode when none is specified. Tokens with offline access mode are meant for long-term access to a store, where no user interaction is involved. Offline access mode is ideal for background work in response to webhooks, or for maintenance work in backgrounded jobs.

When offline mode is requested and the app is not already installed in a store, the user installing the app must have access to all required scopes or the installation will fail.

Authorizing an app multiple times with offline access returns the same access token each time. After obtaining offline access to a store, it's necessary to reauthorize an app only after it has been uninstalled, or when it needs additional access scopes.

The access tokens created with the offline access mode are permanent. They are revoked only when the app is uninstalled from a store.