Response values

Key Type Example Note
x_account_id Required. unicode string Z9s7Yt0Txsqbbx Echo request's x_account_id
x_amount Required. decimal 89.99 Echo request's x_amount
x_currency Required. iso-4217 USD Echo request's x_currency
x_gateway_reference Required. unicode string a32-74a4-a6a7-3e7 Unique reference for each response issued by the payment processor.
x_reference Required. ascii string 19783 Echo request's x_reference
x_result Required. fixed choice completed Valid values are completed, failed, or pending.
x_signature Required. hex string, case-insensitive 49d3166063b4d881b50a
See Signing mechanism.
x_test Required. true/false true Echo request's x_test
x_timestamp Required. iso-8601 in UTC 2014-03-24T12:15:41Z Time of transaction completion. UTC Time: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ
x_message ascii string Billing address could not be verified. A custom error message displayed to the customer.
x_transaction_type fixed choice authorization If you're using order management, then the valid values are authorization, capture, void, and refund.
sale If you aren't using order management, then this field will use the default value sale.